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Шины+вставки трак 1/10 - Road Rage II (2шт) без дисков

Calling all asphalt shredding, concrete carving, pavement punishers! The ultimate for long term thrashing and bashing on all asphalt and concrete surfaces with maximum traction and wear in mind. Road Rage II tread style provides an aggressive directional look while maintaining superior traction. The All-Purpose wheel provides endless amounts of options when it comes to style and versatility. The All-Purpose wheel is easily interchangeable from front to rear, side-to-side, or from one kit to the next. The Road Rage II is also available pre-mounted on 2.2” All-Purpose Chrome wheels or un-mounted with foam inserts. When you are looking for the maximum in predictability, stability, style and responsiveness, check out the 2.2” Road Rage II tires today! · Grippy, yet long lasting, M2 compound · Awesome grip on all types of street surfaces and carpet · Unmounted or Pre-Mounted on Chrome All-Purpose 2.2